About Lea

Lea Banks is the author of All of Me, (Booksmyth Press, 2008) and Speak Easy, forthcoming in the spring of 2016, also by Booksmyth Press. She lives in Western Massachusetts, is the Poetry Coordinator for the Brattleboro Literary Festival in Vermont, and founder of the Collected Poets Series in Shelburne Falls, MA. Banks has published in several journals including American Poetry Journal, Connotation Press, Big River Poetry Review, Poetry Northwest, SlipstreamDiner, Sweet, San Pedro River Review, and has work forthcoming in Town Creek Poetry and The Laurel Review. She recently was a fellow at the Vermont Studio Center.

Two forthcoming manuscripts comprise narrative and lyrical poems, and the second is a fiction, memoir, and poetry hybrid. Her works in progress include a provocative text focusing on her experience as a stroke survivor and the Appalachian Project, a folk opera about Appalachian women musicians. 

Full, Banksbw

Banks was the editor and publisher of Oscillation: Poetry in Motion, former poetry editor of The Equinox and editorial assistant for the Marlboro Review. She attended New England College’s MFA program, facilitated stroke survivors’ writing workshops, and is a poet, freelance editor, and writer. She is the owner of two online vintage stores and The Domestic Darling, opening soon as a brick-and-mortar vintage clothing store. Banks also facilitates poetry workshops, gives private tutorials and manuscript consultations.

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