Of this startling fresh poetic voice Alicia Ostriker, author of At the Revelation Restaurant and Other Poems, has remarked: “Read Lea Banks for vitality, read her for velocity. Dance with her if you dare, catch her if you can. But beware – Banks is a poet of a thousand whirling metaphors. You’ll have to move fast.”

A review in MassLive’s Valley Poetry by Allegra Mira featured local favorite, poet Lea Banks. “Last week I attended Lea Banks’ reading at the Bowery Poetry Club in New York City. Lea read with three New Jersey poets: Joe Weil, Danny Shot and [the late] Jack Wiler. More

“Fiery. Language rich, but not heavy-handed. A fast dance. This is the new face of poetry.” Lynne Thompson, author of Beg No Pardon.


Deborah Bernhardt, author of Echolalia and her latest chapbook, Driftology,  said,  “Lea Banks is effusive and vital, an energizing force when she encounters any of the arts; her wisdom is both unassuming and immeasurable …  For all of us concerned that women are not witnessed, we can entrust Lea to better the environment of poetry itself.

“The middle of the day is furious/The bees soldier on in the sunburnt grass” (5-6) writes Lea in “The Majesty.” These lines are important for their fierce elegance … Lea’s first collection, All of Me, is resolute in its ability to rivet us to its speaker(s)’s concerns, and thus the collection’s concerns. Lea’s new book projects reach further without becoming untrustworthy or presumptuous. That is, Lea is working toward, with great care, rigorous poetry of social witness.”

Honest, Vivid, and Worth It: Lea Banks and Her Poetry, ALL OF ME —Beth Kanell of Kingdom Books

“Her collection ALL OF ME proves that writing the wild side of life can be provocative on multiple levels: How do we get ourselves into the turmoil of sexuality, romance, breakups, heartbreak, and those unforgettable laughter-filled moments that come between kisses? Banks declares she’s “not the goddess or goodness / I wish to be” as she inks her longings, lusts, and loves. More

Carol Frost, author of Honeycomb, and (her latest), Entwined: Three Lyric Sequences, says of this remarkable poet’s first chapbook: “Carnival, whirlpool, God’s fierce whimsy, beauty’s blackout, hot color, Devil: they all belong to Lea Banks. She invokes the phenomenal, and from behind parted fingers her readers peek. The poems in ALL OF ME are brave-spirited and they make all of us braver.”

From Sandra Azmitia, author of the memoir, Do It Differently! Do It Differently!  “This book is a five-star must have. Lea does not hold back. She has a fresh, honest and brave heart and is willing to risk herself for love. This is the voice of an adventurous spirit. The limited art edition is truly a work of art. You won’t be able to put it down and you will find yourself returning to Lea’s poems many times.” 



-Collagist Lillianna Pereira